Club’s Culture

Solano Surf is a community brought together by a mutual love for the sport of soccer. Through this game, we become teammates, friends, FAMILY. As members of this family, we will not tolerate discrimination, we will fight for equality, and we will thrive upon diversity. Violators of this code will face the consequences of breaking our community’s trust. Each member of our community bears the responsibility of upholding this culture, so that every person in our family feels welcome, safe, and free to be themselves.

Club’s Mission

Our club strives to develop players for success on and off the field. Soccer is a fantastic tool to teach life lessons and how to be successful in life. We strive to instill a passion and love for the game in all of our players! We believe in encouraging players to express themselves on the field and to be creative and encourage making mistakes along the way with the goal of long-term success. Solano Surf pushes its players to improve daily as a player and a person. Our club is built on being one family and using each other to lean on when needed and to help other members when they need our support.

Club’s Core Values

Five Core Values:

RESPECT – Treating others the way you want to be treated. Respect, for oneself, respect for teammates and opponents, respect for coaches and parents, and respect for the laws of the game and those that administer them are essential features of Solano Surf.

PASSION – Passion is about having fun and enjoying what you do. It is the core of who a player is. Solano Surf wants to help players find it and fuel it. Passion brings out heart, hard work ethic, and dedication.

FAMILY – An integral part of Solano Surf is all of our families. Together our club will strengthen the bonds between our athletes and those who care for them. Seeking parents to volunteer is a great way to include families in our soccer program.

UNITY – Being united as one, we are all equal as one. Coaches and players united, creating trust and respect as a successful team. We work to create an environment of safety, trust, and respect. We teach how to lead but also how to follow. When players, coaches, and parents all work together, we find success on and off the pitch. When fellow teammates make mistakes, we encourage them to pick each other up, along with celebrating each other’s successes. Only when we are united can we enjoy the taste of success.

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT – To develop players within a team, not only do we look at the player’s needs today but, we also look ahead at their future. We do this by maximizing the soccer potential in all players with age-appropriate training to complement the team’s growth. The individual and team pathways can provide an opportunity for athletes at all levels, from recreational and preparing players for college.